Summer fashion trends for men’s in 2022

Summer fashion trends for men’s in 2022

First of all, let's hold down the trend style that is expected to be popular in the spring and summer of 2022! 

This year's trend will be on basic items such as T-Shirts, hoodies and knits, and setups will continue to attract more attention from 2021. 

In addition to the basic monotone colors, earth tones such as beige, khaki, and brown are also attracting attention, making them easy to incorporate in the spring and summer. 

  1. Elegant resort-style 

The theme of Spring/Summer 2022 is resort-like! While there is a free atmosphere, the outfit that gives a sophisticated impression will likely become a trend. Relaxing T-shirts, cardigans, and knit materials are something you want to keep in mind! 

  1. Marine style 

A marine style that can be said to be a staple of spring and summer in men's fashion. In the spring and summer of 2022, marine style styles such as "sailing," "yacht," and "navy" that are reminiscent of the coast are likely to attract attention. You can create a familiar outfit with many casual items and bright colors! 

  1. Outdoor style that shifts from forest to desert 

The outdoor style that has become popular in recent years is the outfit style that we would like to continue to pay attention to this year! 

Until now, many styles reminiscent of forests, such as camping, have attracted attention, but this year the outdoor style reminiscent of deserts and dunes is likely to attract attention.

      4. Pocket jacket 

A 4-pocket jacket that has been trendy, functional outerwear in recent years.

With the trend design seen a lot throughout the year in 2020, it seems that it will still be the trend of outerwear this year, although it has been slightly down. An item that has many pockets and is highly functional, and you want to incorporate it as a playful design, including pockets. 

In 2022, there are brands designed with sleeveless jackets and sleeveless shirts, which gives the impression that the range is wider than before. 

  1. Shirt jacket 

A classic outerwear and shirt jacket is always useful when you want to put on something. In the spring and summer of 2022, many brands coordinated plain and simple design shirt jackets! Many blues feel refreshing in spring and summer, and natural beiges. This year's must-buy is a general-purpose item that is easy to match with other trend items! 

  1. MA-1 

The trend outerwear from last year, MA-1, will continue to trend in 2022!

From the simple basic design, there were also color blocks, total patterns, and the individuality of embossed leather. Many brands coordinated in just the right size, but oversize is also recommended for street lovers. It's fun to mix and coordinate with the bottoms of the center press. 

  1. All-in-one

 All-in-one that began to appear on the runway last year. It is a season when you want to use relaxed items as a "stay home" due to Korona-ka. The impression was that many boiler suits for men, even among all-in-one. Short-length play suits like Prada are more difficult to incorporate, so we recommend a boiler suit that is easy to coordinate. 

  1. Vest 

Many brands have adopted trend tops and vests in the spring and summer of 2022. Speaking of vests, layered is generally used, but many brands dress in one vest. Where the boundary between vest and sleeveless is difficult anymore. Of course, the vest layered on the shirt is also an ant, so if you want to take it in lightly, layered is recommended. In the spring and summer of 2022, knitwear has a strong trend among the best! 

  1. Open collar shirt  

An open-collared shirt that needs attention in the spring and summer of 2022! Many types are similar to bowling shirts, but many designs with open collars have been seen in long sleeves and shirt jackets. There are many patterned items this season, so I would like to choose a print that demonstrates my own personality. For advanced users, let's layer with pattern x pattern and enjoy the coordination more deeply! 

  1. V-neck 

Soaring in the spring and summer of 2022! Trend, V-neck. The era of crew neck justice has been going on for a while, but finally, the V neck is back! This year's V-neck trend is a slightly relaxed type, from just size to oversize. And there was also a sexy style with a big open neck, like Dolce & Gabbana in the photo. The impression that the material is often knit.

 The V-neck is an item that tends to become a nostalgic older brother when combined with skinny. Choose a soft knit, add some play in bright colors, and pair it with shorts during the spring/summer season. 

  1. Wide pants

 Wide pants, a trend regular in recent years. There were many regulars in the 2022 Spring / Summer collection, but wide pants are still worth watching.

This season is THE Street! It is an impression that many brands put together neatly rather than oversized. There are many relatively soft colors and materials, so if anything, the image is that the outfit is more relaxed. This year, we recommend a wide silhouette for the bottoms rather than oversizing the whole body.