What Type of T-shirts Men Should Wear at Office in Summer?

What Type of T-shirts Men Should Wear at Office in Summer?

Getting dressed in the summer for the office can be exhausting and tricky. In summer, every working person tries to maintain their comforting style and professionalism. Blazers and Jackets work well in the winter, but it is very difficult to choose what to wear in summer.

Some offices have their own dress code, so there you can’t experiment with your clothes. But some offices are there that do not follow any dress code. Employees are allowed to come informally to those offices. So, there you can try different types of t-shirts in summer for the office look.During the hot summer season, men prefer to wear t-shirts mostly. So, here we will tell you how you can get a sharp and polished look wearing a casual t-shirt at the office in the summer heat.

Type of T-shirts Men Can Wear at Office in the Summer

For some people, it is very hard to maintain the balance between comfortability and style. But it is necessary to pick an outfit in which you can feel cozy and confident. Therefore, to help you to discover your individual style, we will try to give you some ideas on how you can style your t-shirts at the office.

  1. Choose Neutral Colors

Vibrant colors for the office won’t look good at all. Therefore, men need to choose more neutral colors over vibrant colors like bright yellow or red. So, do not go with all pop-up colors, rather you can mix and match. However, you can choose light colors or neutral colors like blue, brown, navy, grey, khaki, etc. as summers are all about pastel colors. 

  1. Wear Polo T-shirts

Polo t-shirts can be a go-to option for a simple yet smart casual look. You can style polo t-shirts with formal pants, chinos, and so on. Both will be very good for an office worker in the summer season. After that, if you wish you can wear a blazer on top of your t-shirt to get a classy look. 

  1. Choose Crewneck t-shirts

Crewneck t-shirts are very common and comfortable as well. So, whether you want to attend a seminar or meeting, you can wear crewneck t-shirts with blazers. Here, you can also tone down the color pallet as well to stay comfortable all day long at the office. If you choose a white crewneck t-shirt with good fabric and style them with a blazer or a simple jacket, it will be the perfect summer outfit for the office. 

  1. Go For Printed Lightweight T-shirts

Prints are solely for the summer season. If you want to try something different, then you can pair printed lightweight half-sleeved t-shirts with a solid-colored jacket. Then you can style them with nice trousers. Printed t-shirts can give you a perfect summer vibe. 

  1. Plaid and Striped T-shirts for Office

If you are looking for a layer-free look, then the striped or plaid t-shirts can be the best option for your summer look for the office. It is more of a clean and subtle look that will match the office vibe. However, make sure to pick light colors so that your skin can breathe properly. If you pair this with chinos or formal trousers then it will give you the perfect professional look for your office.


Some More Ideas on How You Can Style the T-shirts for Office in Summer

The following summer look ideas will help you to upgrade your office wardrobe.

  1. Light-colored plain t-shirt with Formal Pants

Creating a casual yet classy work look is quite difficult. Therefore, when you are confused, just go for lightweight t-shirts with formal pants. It is aesthetic and cozy at the same time. 

  1. Pair t-shirts with a lightweight Jacket

In summers, people often try to ditch the blazer as it can be uncomfortable in summer. Therefore, you can pick any normal lightweight jacket or denim jacket to enhance your whole look. You can opt for a cotton blazer as well. 

  1. Polo T-shirts with A Suit

If you are someone who likes to experiment with fashion, then you can give this a try. It is not something that everyone can pull off perfectly. So, if you are comfortable then you can pair polo t-shirts with a proper suit. But, try to choose lighter fabric so that it won’t irritate your skin. 

  1. Striped T-shirts with Jacket

You can tuck your striped t-shirt into your trousers. Try to choose a light color t-shirt so that you can style this with solid-colored pants. After that, put on a jacket on top of it to make the whole look more classy yet casual for the office.



Choosing the right kind of t-shirt, especially for your office, is very essential. Therefore, you need to choose the right color to create a professional yet smart look. Apart from the above-mentioned points, several other options are there to add to your office wardrobe. So, get ready and try to build your professional look as per your budget and taste.